Friday, May 29, 2009

Favorite Item of the Week:

Chanel 2.55 Upside Down Bag: $2,675

Someone once asked me what I thought was the piece that defined a classic elegance perfectly, and I told him, "Of course the iconic 2.55 bag." This is one of the items that brough Coco Chanel her success. It is the pure symbol and icon for undeniable sophistication, class, and grace. It's simple, it's exquisite, and it is now... upside down. Yes, we've seen it transform. From the crazy prints and the tweed fabrics to the neon eye-piercing colors. But Karl has taken it one step further by making the iconic 2.55 Chanel bag now upside down. This is the bag that will make you stand out and this is the bag that will turn heads. I absolutely love the concept. Even though it has its own unique twist, it still keeps the definition of a 2.55 bag clear. For my sister's birthday, I got her the black patent one pictured all the way on top, and myself the white patent one pictured to the left. Though my new year's resolution was to get rid of my 2.55 addiction, I couldn't help myself when I saw this. In fact, it was the best $2,675 I've ever spent. There's no price that's unresonable for any Chanel bag, and this is no exception. My white patent upside down bag may be #24 in my collection of 2.55 bags, but it stands to be my favorite yet.