Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Styles off the Streets: Audrey

After taking a relaxing trip to the hamptons, I was back home in NYC. And as I was walking down the streets of Soho, it is this particular female who reminded me that indeed, I was back home because no one else in any other parts of this world can pull off a look like this and still pull it off amazingly. This lovely young lady's name is Audrey. Wearing an oversized Alexander Wang blazer, a simple American Apparel white tee, a vintage scarf (one that was passed down to her from her grandmother), Urban Outfitters leggings, vintage boots that she got in London, a pair of ray-bans, and a unique bag that she got from a garage sale, Audrey pulls off an effortless, classic "I don't give a fuck" look that so many people attempt but fail miserably at (even I admit to the horrible experimental phase). I love the pop of color from her scarf. They're the centerpiece of this outfit and Audrey incoporated it into her outfit perfectly. Paired with any other jacket, shoes, or bottom, the look would be ruined. I love how she wore leggings with that particular jacket. If she wore jeans or skirts, it would make her legs look shorter. But paired with a simple pair of black leather leggings that clung to her legs like skin, the oversized jacket elongated her silhouette, making her look 3 inches taller. I decided to mix things up a bit. Instead of asking her a full interview, I was to ask her a question and she would have to reply with only one word and one word only. What did Audrey think of this? "This is the most interesting interview I've ever had (laughs)."

Me: Favorite season to dress?
Audrey: Fall

Me: Favorite types of boutiques to shop in?
Audrey: Vintage

Me: Last attended fashion show?
Audrey: Balmain

Me: Favorite color to wear?
Audrey: Black

Me: Signature scent?
Audrey: Soap (laughs)

Me: Most important aspect of an outfit?
Audrey: Accessories

Me: Last but not least, your style in one word?
Audrey: (takes a drag of cigarette, thinking.) Effortless

I think that Daisy and Audrey are very different style-wise. This was done on purpose to show the different types of fashion walking on New York Streets. Audrey may not have been as crisp or clean as Daisy, but she sure as hell has style.

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