Monday, May 25, 2009

Paris show spotlight: Louis Vuitton Fall 2009

Fashion week in Paris is probably one of the most important weeks for me. Sure, there's London, Milan, and New York, but I find that every season, Paris always holds the most precious jewels in the treasure box. This year, I got my invitation for the Louis Vuitton fall 2009 show in Paris. And front row at that. I never turn down any show designed by Marc Jacobs. But I entered the building, not expecting a lot. Boy, was I wrong.

I was never a huge Louis Vuitton fanatic up till now. This particular show blew my socks off (though I wasn't wearing any socks. Metaphorically speaking of course...) and left me wondering where I was for 22 years and why I haven't been drooling head over heels for some of the most beautiful pieces I saw all week, and probably some of the best I've ever seen. From the moment I sat my toosh onto the hot pink cushion chair and dug through my goody-bag, I knew I was in for a good show. The models came out, my confirmation. This season, Marc added a very Frenchy twist to the collection. It definitely reminded me of a sexy young French woman in the 80s. One of those girls you see walking down the streets of Paris, who wears whatever the hell they want whenever they want and still look good even if they had the most ridiculous oufit on. It worked for them. The structures were absolutely mind-blowing. So much volume and bubble-hem (two of my favorites.) And the fabric was just out of this word. Lots and lots of lace. It was in one word... spectacular. The necklines were low cut for a sex appeal and the skirts were short to show off some legs. Though I must admit, the clothes weren't very wearable. However, there were some pieces that needs to be in my closet. Like a particular purplish skirt perhaps? Overall, the collection surprised me in a good way. It is great to see transformation for the label from last season. I've never seen Marc do something of this sort for Louis Vuitton and I'm looking foward to the invitation I'll be getting in the mail next season.

Two of my favorite pieces was the black lace dress and the green coat. They gave me a heart-attack. Literally. And sitting in the first row, I was able to note the details of that coat. Definitely a one of a kind piece.

I love the concept of the bubbly skirts Marc incoporated into the collection. So many of them in so many colors and prints. It was great.

That purple skirt in the middle? That will be mine in three days. Currently in the process of waiting for it via FedEx.

Check out some backstage clips and commentaries of the show in the post above.


  1. The purple skirt is my fave from the collection. The structure IS definately mind-blowing.

  2. My favorite look was the one you have in the middle...I'm drawn to black and neutrals. The skirt construction is amazing as well as the the bow detailing around the neck. The look screams LV but it also says I was comprised by Marc Jacobs.