Sunday, June 14, 2009

The 5 Essential Items

There are some things that a girl just needs. Below are the 5 essential items in my closet that I can't live without. There's just so much you can do with them and they have the characteristic of being timeless so you don't have to worry about being out of style. I suggest that if you can't afford a closet full of designer grabs, the 5 below are worth spluring on.
Lanvin flats in a nude color can be worn in endless ways. These simple flats are solid colored so they match with anything and everything not to say amazingly comfortable. I'm absolutley addicted to them and can't help myself but to pull out my credit card everytime I'm around one even though I own 12 pairs. I can honestly say I have a Lanvin addiction. (about $500)
It's hard to find a pair of jeans that actually fit these days. Especially because I'm very tall and have a slim waist. However, I can always count on J Brand if I'm looking for a pair of perfectly tailored jeans. My dark washed and skinny legged J Brand jeans are probably one of my favorite pieces in my closet. I can wear it with just about anything and it's so versatile. Pair it with flats for a casual look or with heels for a party look. ($160)
The little black dress has been going down in our society as the most classy, elegant, and sophisticated piece a woman can have. The concept, developed by Chanel, is pure genius. I recently got this Oscar de la Renta wrap dress and has already worn it about 12 times. It's perfect for a business party, dinner with friends, or a funeral (you can probably pull it off for a wedding too with some bright shoes). All in all, I think a LBD should be modest and shouldn't be too revealing. This dress is the definition of a LBD. ($2,390)
Whereas shoes should be kept neutral, a bright colored bag is a must-have. I especially love this Balenciaga bag I got awhile back. I go through bags like most people go through toilet paper. But this one has stayed with me for almost 1 1/2 year now. A big number for me. I can carry this when I'm running errands or going to clubs with friends. And I just love the color. (about $2,000)

All right, I know what you guys are thinking. A trench coat? Yes, a trench coat. Believe it or not, I think a trench coat is an absolute necessity and should have a spot in every girl's closet no matter age or size. This Stella McCartney coat has served me well this past winter, keeping me warm even through the crazed New York City weather. Again, it's classy, it's elegant, and oh yeah, it's simple. A coat being simple? We don't get a lot of that anymore. The light cream color and crisp cut of the coat is just amazing. ($1,995).

The five items above are the items I think is super important to have in a wadrobe; a pair of nude colored flats, a pair of dark washed skinny jeans, a modest LBD, a bright colored bag, and a well fitted trench coat. With these 5 designer items, it doesn't matter if the rest of your closet is non-designer, I gurantee you'll still look sophisticated and chic.

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  1. oh those lanvin flats are absolutely adorable dear!!! i think i've found myself a new collecting hobby loll ;))) ~XOXO, lulu ♥