Thursday, June 25, 2009

Styles off the Street: Laila

Honestly... how many girls can pull off a turban? Not many, I don't think. But I have witnessed a few daring style experts who can pull off such a, well... daring look. Laila, pictured to the left, is definitely one of them. The cobalt blue turban looks perfectly incorporated into her outfit. I stopped and asked a few questions, wondering why and how she pulled it off.

Me: What are you wearing today?
Laila: I'm wearing stockings and flats from H&M, this skirt is actually my mother's, the blouse is 3.1 Phillip Lim, the jacket is Miu Miu, and the bag is from Urban Outfitters. Oh yea, the glasses are from a street vendor.

Me: I gotta ask, why the turban?
Laila: (laughs) I get that question a lot. Um, actually I've always worn turbans. And this is just a piece of clothe, wrapped around my head. I don't know, I guess I love the uniqueness of it. I love to be different and to be stared at. It's thrilling in a way, if that makes sense (laughs)

Me: It definitely does. Were you inspired by Prada? They had a season when turbans were the "in" thing.
Laila: You know, believe it or not, I did this before Prada (laughs). I promise.

Me: What do you think is the must-have for summer?
Laila: Ohh... that's a hard one (laughs). I guess a pair of nice, comfortable, high-waisted skirt can never go wrong. They instantly elongate your legs. Great for someone with short legs like me.

Hey, if this girl can pull off a turban, I'm sure she can pull off just about anything else in this world.


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  2. HAHAHAHA A TURBAN that is so cool
    you're righi i look like a bald monkey in a cap so what would i look lik ein a turban
    wowwww, that girls got guts wearing it!

  3. wow thank you for your comment smilwyface1625 :D karlie kloss is my favorite haha! p.s. i think the turban is pretty cool too haha :]

  4. great header and great outfit! like the skirt!